August 18, 2021 - BY Admin

Submit Plans Before You Build

As part of an HOA, you have agreed not just to decide to start a renovation or property addition without clearing it with the community first. So whether you are thinking of adding a new addition or simply building a shed in the backyard, your plans must be submitted to the HOA beforehand.

Present For Approval

Each community has a Board of Directors that must approve the project plans before the project can move forward. The Board of Directors may decide on its own whether to accept the building request, or the Board of Directors may create a separate committee to do that work, such as an architectural committee.

The plans are reviewed to ensure that the size and style of a project, the building materials, and the overall appearance fit the association's design requirements. This process is in place to look out for the entire community -- including you -- by curbing neighbors who might block your view or erect an unsightly structure that doesn't do the community any favors.

Handling Failed Approval & Last Minute Changes

If the Board of Directors or committee finds issues with the proposed plans, work with them to come up with an acceptable approach to move forward with construction. It is also important to note that if a previously approved design changes, the association needs to know.

The Association Has Legal Authority

Should a project get underway without following the appropriate steps for approval, you will likely have to remove the structure at your own expense. The association has the legal authority to enforce the architectural requirements, so save money and headaches by getting approval before building.