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The specific duties of HOA board members will depend on the officer’s title, though. Here are the HOA officers job descriptions: HOA Board President HOA Board Vice President HOA Board Secretary HOA Board Treasurer

A homeowners association (HOA) is an organization that manages the upkeep of a neighborhood’s common areas and establishes standards for the community of which they preside over. While HOAs share a common purpose, they do take on different roles. Most HOAs are run by a board, which is typically made up of volunteers elected by fellow owners. Depending on the size of the neighborhood and how extensive a role the board takes, it may be organized into committees and include officers.

HOA fees are used to cover the cost of ongoing maintenance and repairs of common areas, equipment, systems and shared amenities, some examples include: lawn care and landscaping; water; plumbing and sewage systems; A/C and heating systems; electric system and lighting; trash removal; security system and gates; elevators; cleaning, painting and upkeep of exteriors and common areas; utilities for shared areas; pest control; exterior repairs and repairs of systems; maintenance of shared amenities, such as pool, fitness equipment and clubhouse; front desk and concierge services and cable TV and Internet. As an ancillary benefit, homeowners can use and enjoy community amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, gym memberships, parks and more. In addition, HOA fees are also used to pay for a master insurance policy to protect the community’s building structures, exteriors and community property against damage, as well as other insurance required. Fiscally sound HOAs allocate a portion of homeowner dues to a special long-term reserve account to cover renovations or repairs that do not occur regularly, such as repaving interior roads, etc. They also set aside contingency funds each month to cover unforeseen community expenses and emergencies. In addition, fees are used to pay for salaries of internal management, maintenance and janitorial staff members, as well as the services of a professional community association management company to manage operations and maintenance and enforce the Board’s rules and decisions.

Main Board officer positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

You automatically become a member of the homeowners association and a shareholder when you purchase a home within a common interest development (CID). Your HOA membership entitles you to voting rights. Your vote gives you a voice and ability to help set association rules, policies and regulations that affect your community. In addition, all association members are required to share the costs of operating and maintaining your community’s common areas, systems equipment and amenities. These services are covered by your homeowners’ association fees or dues, which each unit owner is required to pay.

Please see your HOA Calendar in your Portal.

Call 702.222.2391 (main number) for all emergencies. If you are calling after hours, our third-party answering service will pass the emergency message to your community manager immediately.

If you don’t know who your account team is, you can find them in your Portal Dashboard.

HOA By-laws

NRS 116.3101  Organization of unit-owners’ association. 1.  A unit-owners’ association must be organized no later than the date the first unit in the common-interest community is conveyed. 2.  The membership of the association at all times consists exclusively of all units’ owners or, following termination of the common-interest community, of all owners of former units entitled to distributions of proceeds under NRS 116.2118, 116.21183 and 116.21185, or their heirs, successors or assigns. 3.  Except for a residential planned community containing not more than 12 units, the association must have an executive board. 4.  The association must: (a) Be organized as a profit or nonprofit corporation, association, limited-liability company, trust, partnership or any other form of organization authorized by the law of this State; (b) Include in its articles of incorporation, articles of association, articles of organization, certificate of registration, certificate of limited partnership, certificate of trust or other documents of organization, or any amendment thereof, that the purpose of the corporation, association, limited-liability company, trust or partnership is to operate as an association pursuant to this chapter; (c) Contain in its name the words “common-interest community,” “community association,” “master association,” “homeowners’ association” or “unit-owners’ association”; and (d) Comply with the applicable provisions of chapters 78, 81, 82, 86, 87, 87A, 88 and 88A of NRS when filing with the Secretary of State its articles of incorporation, articles of association, articles of organization, certificate of registration, certificate of limited partnership, certificate of trust or other documents of organization, or any amendment thereof. Read more of the law here -

All documents are available on your Associations web portal or upon request from your Community Manager or Community Assistant. Contact information for your account team can be found here.

Your violations can be viewed by logging into your account on your Association’s web portal or upon request from your Community Manager or Community Assistant Manager. Contact information for your account team can be found here.

You have a certain amount of time, as stated by association bylaws, to make the violation correction and submit the changes to the Board of Directors. To correct your violation, please submit a photo to your community management team showing proof the violation has been corrected. Please include the following in your email: full name, association name, violation reference number and related comments. Please know that a conversation or voicemail notification is not sufficient for your violation to be corrected.

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1. Visit our website, 2. Click on the red 'login' button, located at the top, right-hand corner of the website 3. Use the drop-down on this page to select your Association 4. Enter your username and password, provided in your initial Welcome packet If you need help recovering your username or password, please reach out to your Community Manager

A copy of your statement can be obtained by logging into your account on your Association's web portal or by calling our Accounting Department at 702.655.7064.

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NEVCM is hired to help the homeowners association to advise the Board of Directors regarding NRS 116 and to ensure compliance with state and local regulations. NEVCM works closely with, and advises, Associations with expediting community maintenance, advises Board of Directors regarding homeowner compliance, attends and assists with quarterly meetings and record keeping of meeting notes. NEVCM also advises on annual budgets and community documents.

We understand the challenges facing a board of directors to control cost, increase property values and reduce the time commitment of HOA community volunteers.

We are locally owned and operated; this includes our Accounting and processing departments. Unlike some of our competitors, that may be regional or national, we do not allow distractions such as collection services, property management, or financial services to cloud our focus when providing best practice to ensure you stay a step ahead.

The goal of our team is to enhance community values, reduce HOA community costs and create an exceptional lifestyle for homeowners living in all types of communities: single family, master planned, condominiums, townhomes, high-rises, and active adult HOA communities.