August 18, 2021 - BY Admin

Promoting Your Cause in the Community

Association boards should support residents in their charitable endeavors by fostering a philanthropic environment in the community.

But before going door-to-door to fight cancer or whip up a bake sale to end hunger, please check with the manager or a board member - not only to make sure you're within the associations fundraising policies but also to see if there is any way the association can help.

If you'd like to involve the association in your charity, such as holding an event in one of the association's common areas, attend a board meeting and propose your idea.

If you'd like to hold a charity event in the association's common areas, propose your idea to the board in writing, then attend a board meeting to discuss it. Your board will let you know what's possible, and how to go about it. Or they may recommend other groups in the community that might be available to work with you.

Submit written information about your charity to the newsletter editor or the board. They may be able to add it to the events calendar, mention it in the newsletter, or announce it on their website.