August 19, 2021 - BY Admin

5 Reasons Your HOA Needs A Manager

Community Managers are a huge asset for HOAs. Community Board Members don’t get paid to be on the board, they do it because they live in the community. Managing a community is time consuming and with other responsibilities like work and family, getting things done in a timely fashion is going to be a struggle for any HOA.

That’s why having a paid Manager whose sole purpose is to manage the HOA is incredibly beneficial. Not only will they have the experience and connections to get things done quickly, they will have the time to focus on getting it done correctly.

Here is a list of some of the things an HOA Manager can help with:

  • Collections
  • Enforce Rules
  • Emergencies
  • Communication
  • Oversee Maintenance

Collections & Rule Enforcement

In order to keep the community running, collections must be done and rules need to be followed. However, it’s not fun chasing down late payments. Add in the fact that HOA Board Members are potentially living next door to the people that have lapsed on their payments, and you have a recipe for awkwardness and hostility.

By introducing a third party to manage the collections, payments are more likely to be paid in a timely fashion. The Manager will act as an even-tempered buffer between the Board and the community member(s) who are late in payment or bending community rules to help resolve everything quickly and peacefully.

An HOA Manager can ensure that enforcement is done consistently and follows the Governing Documents set for the community.

Provide Communication & Respond to Emergencies

Life happens on its own schedule. Life doesn’t care that it’s the middle of the night and you just went to bed after a long day of work to get a couple hours of sleep before a big presentation you have to give in the morning. If the community is self-managed, Board Members are expected to answer any emergencies in the community at any hour of the day or night.

Outsourcing HOA management unloads that burden to them. Their call center will answer the phone 24/7/365 for any emergencies that unfold so that you can get that well-needed sleep.

Oversee Maintenance
Maintaining the community property is a daunting task and can be extremely difficult to tackle consistently. An HOA Manager would consistently inspect, identify, and prioritize the needs of the community and determine what is and isn’t a pressing matter for the community to fix.

Though these are tasks the HOA Manager can take care of for you, they don’t necessarily have to. The role of the HOA Manager and the amount of involvement they have with your community is entirely up to the Board. It is important to note that HOA Managers do not have anything to do with the creation of policies, rules, or regulations. This responsibility still falls on the HOA Board Members.


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