9500 W. Flamingo Suite 204
Las Vegas, Nevada 89147
Office: 702.222.2391
Fax: 702.228.1783

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We were in debt, had negative cash flow, and our reserves were low. Our common areas were marginal on the way to trashy. We now are current with homeowner fees. Our reserve reimbursements and funding are ahead of schedule. Our common areas are well maintained and look great! Well done NCM and thank you.

While your office is open during regular business hours, having your cell number and this near 24/7 availability separates you from the rest. I recall you returning my call at 8:30 in the evening after reporting a malfunctioning gate. Exceptional!

I have never felt so completely satisfied nor had the BOD or the homeowners than we have been with NCM Management. I highly recommend NCM – they are professional, efficient and customer oriented…it has been a wonderful experience.

I have worked with NCM for a number of years... and they are honest, work hard, relate very well to homeowners, and overall do a great job. I highly recommend them.

I have been particularly impressed by the way in which NCM includes Board members in their [community] walk-throughs. This helps ensure that the management company has a good understanding of current issues.

Attention to detail and full transparency is apparent at every touch-point with NCM Management.