August 18, 2021 - BY Admin

Plastic Water Bottles are Forever

As one of six essential nutrients, water is necessary for survival. But drinking it from disposable plastic bottles may not be suitable for you or the environment.

Urban tap water might be healthier than bottled water because it's regulated and monitored for quality.

Better for the Environment

Manufacturing, transporting, and disposing of plastic water bottles adds to our carbon footprint in a big way. More than 17,000,000 barrels of oil are used annually to manufacture plastic water bottles. That's enough oil to fuel one million cars for a year. It also takes three times the amount of water a plastic bottle holds to manufacture the bottle itself. Every day 140 million empty, plastic water bottles go into US landfills. It will take centuries for them to decompose; and, during that time, the oil and other chemicals used to manufacture the bottles will leach into the contaminate the groundwater.

Better for Your Health

Reusing plastic water bottles isn't a good idea because many plastics are made from substances that can be harmful. For instance, repeatedly washing grade 1 plastic bottles in hot water breaks down the plastic compounds and releases toxic substances into the contents. A stainless steel water bottle is safer, more durable choice.