July 21, 2021 - BY Admin

Information for Landlords and Renters

Renting should be successful and positive for everyone involved - landlords, renters, and the neighbors.

Renters may not be familiar with common-interest community living. Landlords should explain to them that living here is very different from living in a rental apartment. Except for the right to vote, renters enjoy all the benefits of association membership like using the amenities, volunteering on committees, or attending meetings. But, renters are also subject to association rules, and it's up to landlords to educate them and to take action when renters don't comply.

Landlords should provide their renters as much written information about the association as possible - policies, rules, application forms, website address, the manager's name and number, and other essential items. You can obtain copies of these and other useful documents from the manager or on the association's website.

We strongly recommend that there is a written lease agreement with between the owner of the property and the tenants that require them to comply with the association's governing documents. If renters fail to comply with rules or regulations, a representative of the association will attempt to solve the problem and the owner of the property will be copied on any written notice sent to the renters.

Landlords should provide renters' names and contact information to the manager so that the renters can be added to the mailing list, receive the newsletter, invitations to participate on committees, notices of social activities, and general association-related information. This information will also be used in case of emergency.

Renters who are not receiving association news, don't have a copy of the association rules, or would like more information about the association should contact the manager or a board member.