August 18, 2021 - BY Admin

Clarifying The Community Manager's Role

Community Managers are highly-qualified professionals tasked with ensuring a community is properly looked after and maintained. In this article, we will discuss what the Community Manager is and is not responsible for handling when it comes to managing the community. There are two main points of responsibility for Community Managers:

  1. Carry out policies set by the board
  2. Manage the association's daily operations.

Some residents expect Community Managers to perform specific tasks that are outside the scope of the contract with the community. When this happens, and the manager doesn't meet those out of scope expectations, residents naturally feel unhappy or dissatisfied. We are hoping to clarify some of the confusion that can lead to these disgruntled feelings with the following list of responsibilities that fall under a Community Manager.

  • The Community Manager works closely with the board -- as an advisor -- not as an actual board member. If an issue arises with the board, it must be taken up directly with the board, not through the Community Manager.
  • The Community Manager is available to residents to answer questions and assist in certain situations, but that doesn't mean the manager has to drop everything to take resident calls. If it is imperative to meet with your Community Manager, call to schedule a meeting and your Community Manager will be happy to answer any questions. However for routine inquiries, like the date of the next meeting, check the newsletter or community website first.
  • The Community Manager monitors contractors' performance but does not supervise them or watch their every move. Contractors are responsible for maintaining supervision of their staff. Should a problem with a contractor arise, notify your Community Manager, who will forward any and all concerns to the board. Once the board has received the presented issues, it will decide how to proceed with the terms of the contract.
  • The Community Manager is in charge of regular community inspections. However, even an experienced Community Manager can't catch everything all the time. As a result, the community's help is both welcomed and essential to ensuring the community is maintained correctly. If there is a noticeable issue that needs to be taken care of, let your Community Manager know.
  • The Community Manager is not in charge of setting community policies or rules. If there is a disagreement with a policy or rule that is in place, contact the board directly so that the issue may be addressed appropriately.