August 19, 2021 - BY Admin

Association Rules

How We All Benefit From Them

Many people want as few rules as possible, but the fact is that rules help create order out of chaos, they provide for protection of others and for the good of the group.

Rules Can Be Changed

However, sometimes rules become outdate or were never fully thought through in the first place. These things happen and there is a way to alleviate the unnecessary burden of rules that don’t make any sense.

If you do not like an association rule, bring it to the attention of the Board. It’s their job to review the complaint so it’s best to present the issue in a well thought out logical manner that touches on all the positives and negatives that exist around that rule.

However, just because you are unhappy with a rule and/or have filed a grievance with the board to review a rule you don’t believe should be in place, it is still a rule that needs to be followed while it is on the books.

Local Government Rules

Local government also has rules that apply to you. For example: Usually, local government restricts the number of people who can occupy your home or there might be zoning requirements that limit your ability to use your home as a place of business. These rules are just as important to follow as the association rules. Make sure you are aware of all the regulations that coincide with living in an HOA and the local government.

Your home may be your castle but the association is the king of laws. Whether the rule was made by your association or local government, they are typically there for a purpose. Give each rule the benefit of the doubt. Understand the reason for rules governing the close living environment of a community association. If you have looked closely into a rule that you don’t see to be necessary, point it out to the board to take into consideration for review.